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We are committed to making a difference in the world of healthcare. Whether it’s providing access to higher education, procurement and supply chain solutions, developing engaging training courses for frontline medical professionals or offering our clients comprehensive solutions for their workforce needs, we are dedicated to helping our clients improve patient care.


Streamlining Healthcare Procurement and Supply Chain to Improve Patient Care


Empowering Medical Professionals through Innovative Training and Development Solutions


Building Stronger Workforces for Optimal Patient Care: Comprehensive HR Solutions for Healthcare Industry

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Our team is dedicated to providing the support and expertise you need to maintain your workforce.

We strive to empower healthcare professionals and organizations with the tools and resources needed to deliver optimal patient care.

About AlliedRx360

Transforming Healthcare through Innovative Solutions

AlliedRx 360 can provide you with a personalized, comprehensive global healthcare solutions that is tailored to fit your specific needs.

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Supply Chain

AlliedRx 360™ streamlines healthcare supply chain management with expert procurement services for providers, manufacturers, and suppliers. Our multi-vendor network and bottom-line approach ensure cost savings for clients.

Contract Negotiation

AlliedRx 360 specializes in contract negotiation for healthcare providers, manufacturers, and suppliers. Our expertise and insight in the medical-surgical product procurement process ensures cost savings and the best deals for our clients.

Supply Chain Analytics

AlliedRx 360™ offers expert analysis and consulting for healthcare supply chain operations. Get a comprehensive view and avoid costly mistakes with our analytic services. Transform your business with our experienced professionals.

Talent Acquisition

AlliedRx 360 HealthConnect is revolutionizing staffing solutions. We understand that every client presents a unique opportunity, and we customize our approach to find the best placement solutions for you

Employee Onboarding

AlliedRx 360 HealthConnect provides comprehensive onboarding and new hire orientation services, ensuring policy compliance and fostering a positive employee culture.

Healthcare Training Solutions

AlliedRx 360 offers customized skills training for the Allied Health industry. Our expert-evaluated courses ensure compliance and success, with fast and easy deployment across multiple locations to boost employee value.